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SPIRES syntax is (mostly) supported (requires "find")
find a richter, b and t quark and date > 1984
find j phys.rev.,D50,1140 or j jhep,0903,112
find eprint arxiv:1007.5048 (Note the plots available on the detailed record)
find fulltext "quark-gluon plasma" (Note new "fulltext" operator)
find a ellis and refersto a witten (Note "refersto")
find a kane and citedby title SUSY and topcite 200+ (Note "citedby")
New techniques:
1985 richter quark multiplicity
citedby:author:ellis -refersto:author:witten
author:randall | author:sundrum cited:450->1350
Additional Help:
More search tips and full help


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